About Hypnosis:  I like to say simply that hypnosis is a "focused state" of the mind. Whatever you have your mind focused on whether it is watching tv, driving, sitting on the beach watching and listening to waves...your mind pays attention to something of interest and less of other surrounding stimuli. Here are some examples of different hypnotic states.  Successful athletes have an ability to enter a hypnotic focused state despite other distractions all around. I know a really good tennis player who can enter a focused state where they actually see a tennis ball slow way down, so they can direct their swing accordingly.  Quarterbacks, baseball players, martial artists also experience this same state.  Likewise, this same state can be used not only for dynamic activity, but also for deep relaxing internal activity. And through that deep relaxing internal activity, suggestions are made to the mind to restructure the mind and body for a specific outcome.

     The important thing to remember that is true for any focused state or hypnotic activity is that choices are made to direct the activity. You are always in charge of making choices. You cannot do anything under hypnosis without your knowledge or consent of the conscious mind.  Your unconscious mind will always protect you and do what is necessary to make sure you are safe. Have you ever heard the term "highway hypnosis?"  Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived there and not consciously remembered that you passed this or that landmark? While your conscious mind was busy ...thinking, your unconscious took care of keeping you safe while driving. Even in stage hypnosis which is for entertainment, the hypnotists always selects and gets agreement with whomever is participating to be in agreement.   Where problems arise in our lives is when the automatic routines of the unconscious mind and the rational reasoning conscious mind are not in agreement. We eat, do, and say  things that consciously we know that, oops, we did not what to do that!  Hypnosis is a way to help align the unconscious mind with the conscious mind toward achieving an agreeable outcome. This is effective because the problem's root that directs the particular behavior is healed within the unconscious mind.  The journey can be safe, always relaxing, fun and effective!  It only requires your energy and attention!

About the Trainer:  Hi, My name is Jeffrey C Ferrell, of Surfside Hypnosis. I have been interested and studying personal self development for over 40 years.  I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation/Sidha program and Ayurveda, Reiki master level and various Shamanic techniques which my spirit has guided me to learn over the years. 

    During this journey I came across a quote by the mystic Dion Fortune, 1924, "the study of Magic should always be preceded by a good study of the human mind. That is because the mind of man and the mind of God are the same." To study how the mind works and how that controls our behavior I studied NLP. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of language patterns and their structure for internal strategies that drive one's behavior toward an outcome.  I have taken through the practitioner/master levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP.  And continuing with Tad James' training from practitioner/master through trainer's NLP training. These thousands of hours of trainings for open and closed eye hypnosis form the basis of my experience which I draw upon to assist one to reach their desired outcome in a safe, always relaxing and fun experience!  Another aspect of my training with Tad James was learning Huna through the Alaka'i level (teaching level).  Originally Huna on one level means "secret, the type of wisdom that is concealed or protected like a treasure, or knowledge which is not immediately obvious."   A another level of meaning before Huna, is Ho'omana, which means to make energy, chi, life force and to empower. Huna is how to create energy and use it toward enhancing your path in life. Like all teachings, they only help when you apply them! These teachings help shape what I can offer for assisting you another step in your evolutionary journey! Peace & Joy.



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